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Why does Bioware think it's ok to fix bugs then break them again?


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This might not sound like the most thought out or well constructed post but I'm kinda irritated at the way Bioware is handling certain things. This one tops the list.


Bioware releases patch 1.1.2 which fixes bug that causes ilum (owned objective xN) buff to disappear after completing warzone.


Bioware breaks valor gain and daily mission in ilum


Bioware hotfixes certain aspects of ilum valor gain.


Bioware releases 1.1.2a which fully fixes valor gain issues in ilum yet AGAIN BREAKING ilum (owned objective xN) buff with NO DOCUMENTATION.


While this may be reasonable to some extent and that's already pushing it given how many times they have had to work on the same issue, it is not reasonable to not provide any sort of documentation on the matter or timeframe for resolution.

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