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Warzone info for noobs?


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Are there any guides or newcomer info out there about warzones? How many warzones are there and where do I get the quest? if I enter one is it only going to be players my level or higher? What kind of loot, rewards and xp do you get? Thanks for any info!
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3 warzones






pickup dailies / weekly at pvp terminal on imp fleet - nrh east side of map - look for the area surronded by people.hand in is next to it.


dailies are - win 1 wz and win 3 wz - weekly is win 9


each quest gives a champ bag - champ bag contains 7 champ tokes , 15 ? centurion tokens - these can buy equipment / stims off vendors by pvp terminal -

you also get valor / commendations for completing warzones.

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you can start doing warzones from level 10


you queue for a warzone from the little icon at the bottom right of the minimap


you can queue solo or as a group


queueing puts you in the queue for one of three warzones (random)


the three warzones are alderaan civil war, the voidstar and huttball

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