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Armor/Weapon Vendors Improvements


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1. Ability to Filter by primary stat (for vendors with gear for different classes)

2. Confirmation of purchase

3. Ability to return the item back to vendor, and get back commendations used.



Some vendors have a huge list of items and it would be nice to filter down to only the stuff I can use. Just the Aim items or just the Cunning items, etc...


More then once I have accidentally click on an item and purchased it... yet, may fault... A confirmation box would be nice to eliminate this mistake purchases.


Even after buying an item on purpose, the wrong item may have been chosen... correctly primary stat, wrong set bonus... had already purchase the set item for that slot... Whatever the case maybe it would be nice to be able to return an item to the vendor, given a) it is done within a certain time frame (30min?). b) Armor, Mods, Enhancements, Barrels, Hilts, etc... have not been removed from the item.

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