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Vette unromanceable before Hoth?


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Well, I've been looking around without a specific response but:


Vette affection level about 9300

Completed Taris class missions

Next step in my class mission is Hoth, but at level 35 it's just too much of a pain to continue, so I'll wait till 37 to go back to Hoth.

Have freed her sister.


And that's about as far as I've gone. She won't give me any more missions so should I assume I must complete the Hoth portion before she'll give me more missions?


As for Jaesa only at 3500 affection and have gotten up to the "I slept with some random, got plastered and I think I might've killed him, I think." So really haven't gotten involved enough with her to block any Vette progress.

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You have to clear a certain amount of your class quests before more pops up. I know I had at 10k affection for the longest time and didn't get anything new after the sister thing till around 40.


Try darthhaterdb. They have a list of the companions and their quests.

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