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About the game..!!


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Dear Team of the Star Wars The Old Republic ,




I would like to congratulate you about the game. The game is exceptional and the work you have done is very good , although I have a few observations to make.


The game has a lot to give. This means that you have a lot of work to do from now on. A lot of things need new ideas. For example the magnificent thing is the ship! Here you can add a lot of new staff for the character to do. I am not going to suggest anything, this is your decision to make.


I am going to point out a few general things only.




Secondly the Crew Skills should be more …


In addition the companions should be more and more entertained .


Also the items , missions , tasks should be more…


The crafting skills should have more complex stuff to make… like puzzles.


I think that should be hangers in every city , outpost and facilities.




The map is very good and the missions are shown just fine. Excellent. The users don’t have to install other party softwares to see the missions like in WOW.


On the contrary the map of the ship need to be fix because it dosen’t show all of your missions unless you click in every part of the galaxy…sometimes.




The sound of the game is awesome , fantastic and every effect is brilliant .The graphics are very nice but they can be better , this is not so important though .




The movements of the characters are very good. The A.I. of them is very good and clever sometimes.




IN GENERAL the game is brilliant and I thing that if you give the proper attention to user’s writings , it would be the GAME OF THE YEAR. I think that the SWTOR has already left behind the WOW, which has began more childish.


The SWTOR is THE GAME and it can be come the BEST mmo game of this year.


The only thing that is a disadvantage is that the game came on a time that most people , because of the Economical Crisis , do not have money….!!




Thank you for your time.



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