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Hi bioware PLEASE read :(


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Hi Bioware..


I have a big issue here, the key " | § " <-- why is that on hotkey to ticket service? and why can't i remap it? i mean it's so close to my spells like to the key 1.

So often i press this key by mistake, and thats REALLY bad in pvp... Means death normaly.. as i need press away all the ticket thingy...


I don't understand why ticket help even is in a hotkey, this is FIRST mmo i've played that used this key or any key for ticket service, but worst part is that i cannot even change the key to a different key too :(

So my suggestion is remove the hotkey and fix the ticket service maybe in the pannel on top of iu that you can go inventory check quest bla bla..

To now i've taken of the button.. As i keep pressing it by mistake all the time... But i rather have my keyboard button on, and get a remap of this.. I would loved to have this key also as my trinket but i cannot...


Also have a suggestion of my class (i'm bounty hunter). The HEAT system builds up WAY to fast, specialy when you're doing flash points and raids.. My suggestion here is that you reduce the heat cost of spells OR maybe the spell "vent heat" could have a lower cooldown... 2 min is a very long time... To long.... I try to rapid shots between my spells, but in the end i always get max heat.. And when i do and vent heat is on cooldown it takes FOREVER before i can do anything other then rapid shot's, and even when i can do other spells like "unload" my heat is back up to max for a long time, even if i crit and it went 8 heat it's not enough...


PLEASE PLEASE take a look at this, i know i'm not the first who have issues with heat system...

2 minute for vent heat is a eternity when your heat is at max, trust me... I see no problems with this ability is lower cooldown on, 1 minute is more then enough for our class..


Well there you have it, this is my only issues i have with the game at the moment right now, bugs and stuff like that i do understand as it's a new game after all, i really hope you can look into this, if you do this it would be AWESOME!

Thanks for a great game :)

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