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Cut-Scene Theatre.


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I know this is somewhat crazy but I hope I am not the only one who had this idea run through his mind.


I was just playing my Marauder and I remember the fight with one of the bad guys close to the end...where I force push him into the fire below, the dialouge spoken before he goes into the inferno below is just golden comedy, along with Vette's remark of burning flesh.


Why I bring this up is because I would love to goto my Fury, go to one of the rooms and click on maybe a holo-recording in the captians room maybe and watch any cut-scene I please that the character I am logged in as currently has experinced and I do not mean just an average Quest Giver cut-scene but cut-scenes of the Main Story Line and any Companion Cut-scene like those with Vette, Jaesa, Mako, and Kaylio.


I would like to kick back and watch how my character developed, the choices, and how my character is who he is today.


When I finally got the idea for this was when -my favorite part of the story line- is when I head to this ship, and this guy (Not wanting to spoil it for those working on the Warrior story line) says these two droids are perfectly made to combat me. I turn around smash both droids and have him at his last ropes so to speak and I can choose to throw him around like a ragdoll or be nice - it may just be my twisted mind, but I would love to see that cut-scene again.

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