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Darth Vader


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Alright, ive seen that a lot of people are hating on Vader and calling him weak. Vader had about 80% of Sideous's power. Sideous, canon wise, was the most powerful sith to have ever lived. 80% of his power is still pretty god damn powerful.


Secondly, people say Vaders suit made him weaker than when he was on mustafar. This is also untrue. The suit may have limited his potential, but he became even more powerful while in the suit. The suit made him physically stronger. Why do you think he could choke that rebel commander in *A New Hope* with only one arm? Vader could swat a Jedi's lightsaber clean out of their hand with little effort.


Finally, with all this Vader vs. Revan and Vader vs. Malgus stuff, im sorry to break it to you guys, but Vader would win. Now, many of you would say "Vader didn't have nearly as much understanding of the force as they did so he would definatly lose". This however, is also untrue. If your basing Vader JUST off the movies, then dont comment on Vader vs.____ stuff. Those were 80's movies. They couldn't show him do crazy things because they didn't have the special effects. Why do you think Boba Fett looked and acted like basically a stormtrooper with a jetpack? Vader was a great lightsaber swordsman and the only person better than him was his own son.


So, just think about that before you try to comment and say *all of this is BS*

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