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(16-man) tip on clearing Trash in EV

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Hi all,


my guild ran 8 man and cleared Normal and Hardmode in EV with ease.


last night we ran 16 man to bring others in.


one BIG differential i see was...the trash eternal keeper and eternal warden were ****** every fresh pull.


there are like 2-3 keepers(range) and 2 warden (melee)


i know the keepers laser need to be interrupted .. but running with only 2 tanks. how are we suppose to hold them?


is there a proper pull strat?


pls advise. thanks.

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Are there not guides online? Or maybe youtube?


Well at anyrate have 1 tank aggro the melee wardens and kill them last. Keepers can't really be aggro'd per say but if you assign interrupters they wont pose a threat.


Typically you keep teams of 2 interrupters in rotation on each keeper while the rest of the dps focuses on the main target. It's their random cast which kills. Try not to fight them together in a clustered group due to aoe dmg on melee, using ranged dps to cast interrupts works best. Depends on ops setup.

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