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Lethality Rotations


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So new to Lethality (been playing MM for a long time) and just wondering what the rotation is? I know you Corrosive Dart -> Corrosive Nade - > Weakening Blasts -> Cull and throw in Shatter Shot every know and then, but what about in between? Do I use Snipe or Series of Shots a lot?


Mostly interested in PvE/Raid rotations, to be more specific.



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Never use snipe. The damage it causes vs the amount of energy it uses is not worth it. IF snipe contributed to other abilities (like in marksman), then it is worth it.


Series of Shots is decent damage for the energy it costs.


As long as your energy is above 60%, make sure that:

-You have Corrosive Dart up

-You have Corrosive Grenade up

-You have Shatter Shot up (for strongs, elites, bosses, and PvP)

-You have Weakening Blast up

-Your Cull is on Cooldown

-Your Series of Shots is on Cooldown

-Your Ambush is on Cooldown

-Your Explosive Probe is on Cooldown (put greater emphasis on EP if you have the second tier Eng skill increasing it's damage)

(The above is in the relative order of importance in my opinion)


...THEN, use Rifle Shot.



IF, you are below 60% energy, use Rifle Shot and only Rifle Shot (yes, the above "rotation" is not possible to spam in a continuous string as the energy will not support it, I know. Rifle shot MUST be put in there somewhere). UNLESS your target needs to die NOW and you have Adrenaline Probe ready to fire off. In this case just blow your energy to get the kill.


I find myself hitting the Rifle Shot keybind for at least half of my button presses in order to keep my energy at it's maximum regeneration. This is with a level 43 sniper with ~30% crit rate. At higher gear levels with a (DoT) crit rate of ~50%, you'll find you need to hit Rifle Shot far far less as your energy is regenerating much faster due to a higher crit rate.


Energy Regeneration being based off of your gear level is what will make Lethality a very strong and excellently scaling spec in the future.

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