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Interim Mercenary Commendation Change


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This has probably all been said before. I wasn't able to dig it up with a search, and I haven't been following the forums closely, so I couldn't tell you if it actually has been. Anyway, the following is a quick idea for boosting player involvement in world pvp and making the acquisition of mercenary commendations viable outside of vendor trade-in:


Two simple changes:

  1. Decrease the respawn time on security chests in OWPVP zones and/or increase the number of spawn points
  2. Decrease the number of commendations per chest


Why? If, instead of ~30 minute respawn times on a small number of chests, chests were more numerous or respawned more quickly, more players would be tempted to spend time in the OWPVP zones, attempting to gain access to these chests. The reason for decreasing the number of commendations is also rather simple - if chests continued to drop 20 commendations, but spawned more quickly, farming up pvp gear would become a total joke.


An optional third change would be to randomize, to some degree, the spawning points for the chests. This would help to prevent farming.


Just my two cents.

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