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gunslinger suggestions


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ok im guessing im not the only person that watched the smuggler cinematic and was inspired to make a gunslinger because of it.


this movie if you havent seen it:

(fyi it took me an extra 6:21 to post this because i watched the whole thing :))


the problem between that cinematic and the gunslinger class is -- theyre notihng alike.


id like to make a small suggestion so the gunslinger can be more like that cinematic but still a "shoot from cover" class.


make the "take cover" ability into a combat stance instead of just an extra button press that *believe me* gets extremely boring after a while.


how it would work is simple..the effect would still be the same it would just be constant and only active while in combat and standing still.


further explaination:


you buff up..you hit the "take cover" button...activate sprint if you havent already. boom youre done.


while not in combat you run and stand like normal but when in combat your toon automatically hunkers down to "take cover" while not moving. but youre free to move and run as needed without the extra button press thats quite simply just not needed.


trust me this way would be a lot better for everyone. and this game isnt so far into its existence that it would be that huge of a change for anyone. and the change wouldnt be a negative one i can guarentee that.

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