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Looking for Advise / Help Tanking


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I don't know any other JUGG tanks on my server and I'm looking for some advise.


First off I know Threat is completely broke. I can be on a mob for 30+ second in a heroic spam my rotation and have pretty much any DPS pull off me in a matter of seconds.


I've tried going up the Immortal Tree, it was the worst for threat of them all.


Then I settled out with:



I use the standard opening and rotations trying to save my taunts for when they are needed and not in the rotation.


Example of how bad threat is: A pack of adds spawn on random HM boss. I Stomp / AoE taunt / Sweeping Slash with all the rage I have left and after the 6 seconds they run straight to anyone doing any DPS to them. I intercede 9one person) which helps for a few seconds and I repeat again and I still don’t have agro on them.


Asking is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Its frustrating to say the least. I am supposed to be the guild Main Tank and at the moment I feel like I have wasted the last 2 months leveling and gearing my Juggernaut Tank.


Is it me / Is it the Game / Is the class broke / Or does the DPS need to learn to control their burst damage?

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Haha ok first of all if you're going to tank you need to have points in immortal no questions ask just do it.


This is the build I use and it works fine: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#101frG0ubrkuoZhGb.1


You want to start off by building rage before you force charge into a group. So use saber throw then force jump in this giving you 6 rage to use. Sundering Assault and Crushing Blow are your main threat generation abilities next to Backhand.


If you have over 100% accuracy this will help threat as well cause you're lowering defense. It is not necessary though but you will need a minimum of 96%. Keep your force scream shield on CD the same with your Retaliation dmg reduction on CD as well. Same with smash cause that lowers accuracy generating more threat mainly used on a group of mobs and the boss.


Other than that use taunt on units that stray away and threatening scream on a big group to keep your threat up. A good way to practice is by going into an area that's a little higher level then you and just whacking it to find a priority rotation either until you beat it or run away until it stops attacking and goes back to where it was.

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