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Datacrons on Alderaan and Corillia


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Let me start by saying I love datacrons, the idea was great and its fun to try and get them.


What I have an issue with is that Bioware developers didnt take into account the type 3 body characters and how some of the datacrons are impossible to get due to their shoulders.

What makes it even worse is that the type 4 obese bodies can get through just fine.

This isnt alright, datacrons are meant for everyone to be able to get, not just the skinny, average and fat characters.


Getting the datacron in Castle Panteer on Alderaan was an easy enough fix, dying and letting someone revive you from the other side of the wall. But for republic players getting the datacron inside the republic base at the Government District on Corillia isnt possible for a type 3 body.


I hope Bioware wakes up and fixes this issue soon. This is my favorite part of the game so far and I am only 5 datacrons away from having them all in my codex. This issue prevents me and everyone else with BUFF characters from progressing that.



End Rant~

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