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Powerleveling. *shrugs* How does it work?


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Now from day one in beta that I have been in the game, I have been using various methods to determine how power leveling effects the speed at which you level.


So far I have been able to determine that:

Having someone in your group that is roughly 5+ levels higher than you can dramatically decrease the amount of KILL xp you receive. The exact number of level difference, and degree to which increasing level gaps detracts from kill XP is difficult to determine. As the number of XP you get from killing one member of one MOB tends to vary so drastically; as does the degree of reduction between subsequent levels.

Keep in mind these are rough numbers, that seem to constantly shift as I try to track them.

I remember time in beta when only having ONE additional level compared to a group mate could completely cripple kill XP. This no longer appears to be the case.


Each additional member of your group, regardless of level, seems to reduce the amount of KILL xp you receive per enemy. This balances out somewhat due to the fact you are able to kill more enemies more quickly. Also, it appears to slightly INCREASE the amount of Quest Reward XP you receive if you turn in as a group.


Can anyone else help me understand how this mechanic works in this game, or offer additional insights?

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I don't have the math, but this game is much easier when you duo for PvE content. If you have a leveling partner, you can "power level" pretty quick since many of the stories can be done solo (except heroics)


My wife and I play together and didn't notice any drop in exp when I was playing by myself (I have 7 chara vs her 1 hehe)

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