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PVP vs. Consulars/Sorc


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And I'm talking about fighting them if they're DPS spec. Even if I get the jump on one, I still cut it unbelievably close and usually die right after another enemy spots me. Tell me if I'm doing this right. Currently, I'm specced Lethality.



1 vs. 1

1) I get the jump and Hidden Strike for TA/Combat Stims

2) Bait the stun escape with Flash Bang. I hope to god he takes the bait.

3) Corrsive Grenade/Poison Dart/Weakening Blast Combo

4) Shiv/Cull combos

5) Stun and continue combo's

6) Shield Probe during their dps procs

7) Use Distraction during their channels/CC


What actually happens!

1)Stealth in WITH sneak to get the first attack.

2)They see through stealth and run away with boost.

3)They're already too far away for tendon slow ability(can't think of name right now) and immediately start blasting me with rocks/lightning. I have to trigger shield probe because most people at this time have had their procs and aren't afraid to let me get close.

>at 60% hp

4)I throw my flashbang, it hits. They escape and CC me. 1 for 1 we both use our escape.

5)Poisons/shiv/cull combos and attempt to intterupt whatever they cast. If I see him heal, I'll use my heal. But I have to ditch a shiv for CS instead of Cull somewhere in there so I'm not energy starved after a combo or two.

6)Realize its not enough and AP

7)Realize he's full resource

8)He's at 80% and I'm at 30% because his bursts can be timed correctly in-between procs while I'm trying my hardest to spam death on his face.

9)Blow an expertise stim, hide behind a pillar/wall for cloaking screen/sneak again and rush faster with no strategy.


I still ATTEMPT to interrupt their channel, but it tears me up so fast I can't even...


Any tips?

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I use sever tendon before debilitate.




Because chances are they use knockback right out of jarring strike. Sever tendon, has a lower cooldown and dissallows them from using sprint for 2 seconds.


Then when I get back up to them I have debilitate>backstab+acid blade up.


If they get cute and use crushing darkness, toxic scan that off asap.




Then when the resolve bar is gone, cloak>hidden strike for the kill.

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