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PVP Wish List


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PVP Wishlist.


I'm a long time wow player and at first I had no desire to play this game, but it has grown on me and just like any other MMO, balancing PVP has been a challenge. From maps, classes/abilities, faction/class population on servers and Warzone maps. I try to use the term "think like a developer" but at times I feel the "think like player" approach is needed to because let's face it sometimes something that sounds good on paper or over a conversation might not be so well when implemented in game leaving us players frustrated. I'm going to list off some of my personal experiences and thoughts on the state of SWTOR PVP and hopes to see it taken in a better direction, especially from my past experience from WOW PVP over the years and there direction with PVP. Now I want to add that yes I do realize that the game is still in infant stage, developers probably have a "to do list" and it involves PVP, but I have just not had this much fun since Vanilla/BC WOW days and want to see this game excel and not be corrupted and ruin like WOW in my opinion.


1. Classes balance- Let's start with the basics and most common topic, class balance! First I feel BIOWARE needs to look at where they want to be in 5 years with SWTOR and ask themselves "do we really want to balance classes around arena like blizzard did"? I'm sure BIOWARE doesn’t want SWOTR to be a knock off of WOW PVP, but it still will be in the back of their heads, what is the best way to balance the classes around? Current WZ? Possible arena's? and then of course new WZ as the game progresses. I have no personal solution to this, just a hope that they do a better job with SWTOR PVP than WOW PVP.


2. WZ maps/selections/class balance in WZ- I like the WOW PVP menu we had, the option to Q what battleground you wanted was a very nice feature and I hope to see it added in SWTOR one day. Moving back to class balance, I personally think there needs to be limits on specific classes in WZ, for example Jedi Guardians/troopers/Jedi Counsels etc etc once a certain amount has been added to the Q no more need to be added. I'm not sure if this option is even available or can be done, but at the same time currently the level 50 PVP Q times are horrible, now I hope with time this problem will be fixed as more and more people get to 50 and the LV 50 server population grows, or and I hate always go back to a WOW reference/experience, but maybe do cross server WZ? Going back to class balance in WZ, again I feel sometimes there are too many of the same class in WZ and it get ridicules at times. For example I have seen the Sith sorcerer and assassin be a very popular class in WZ, now beside the fact of my opinion on the actual specifics on class balancing abilities, seeing one sprint with the huttball across the map passing it to the next 1 as he uses his sprint then the next pass as this cycle repeats until they score is just downright depressing lol. Again a WOW reference, rogues use to be able to sprint with the WSG flag, but eventually over time they changed it. I will admit that to me it is balancing the class on that BG map, and may need to be looked at in the Huttball WZ map as well. I know I will catch hell on this, but seriously think of map manipulation? How is it fun if you are abusing the ability/map?


3. Ilum-I hate this place lol! But it's our world PVP map. Recently the new patch reduced the drop rate of the daily/weekly, now this is a farmable item like it or not. The patch note stated" to reduce farming" I feel this is a incorrect statement, now in my defense I'm not asking for there to be a over abundance of them lying around and destroy world PVP, but I think the drop rate does need to be better and placed at certain areas of the map to better world PVP. For example some closer to the opposing factions base? This might stimulate Ilum world PVP?


4.PVP gear- I think BIOWARE took the champion bag loot in a good direction, I think the centurion marks should be 20 instead of 15, just for the fact that once you hit level 50 you it's you only source of PVP gear and have low amounts of expertise makes you for a easy kill in PVP. Now before I get flamed on "what!? You have to PVP to get PVP gear?" hear me out! Getting champion bags originally without marks was a luck of the draw and you might even get the same champion token in a row (I did the same day), but not having any other source for getting Centurion commendations to purchase the first Tier of Centurion PVP gear is a incorrect method, common sense would dictate that you should not be skipping centurion for champion gear just because you aren't getting enough centurion commendations and the bag had a decent rate of dropping champion tokens and no centurion first Tier PVP gear! Again the recent change to the bags was a good move, but I think the number should be up 20 from 15 (personal preference) or another option I feel would be to add a new bag that is blue dropping just centurion marks and tokens, then change the champion bag to only drop more champion marks and keep the champion token drop rate the current and of course same goes the battlemaster bag. This again might be a easy WOW reference/solution, but I feel it would be the most logical and effective way of distributing PVP gear and of course not skipping the first tier. On a side note I would like to express my concern to BIOWARE and please do not ever make a PVE boss to drop PVP/arena gear in the future! I did not agree with WOW on this ever since they released this back in at the start of WOTLK. I would prefer if you keep rewards small and in their perspective lanes to avoid abuse, corruption and watering down the grind of gearing for PVP, granted I want it to be more seamless and logical , but never to easy at the expense of the players experience.


I hope this was a good read! Also I look forward to some positive feedback and constructive criticism on this "Wishlist". I know it is not perfect and I did rush this, but I just wanted to express my experience, feeling and concerns of PVP and look forward to the future of SWTOR PVP.




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