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Huttball is completely broken.

Unless your team isn't crammed full with force classes (sorcerers > all) you have no chance at all in huttball. Moreover, there seems to be no chance to stop a juggernaut - sorcerer combo.


How in hell can you allow those jumps, sprints, grabs while carrying the ball??!

The other classes have to wait in front of the fire or pass to a mate which is always risky.

Sorcerers cross the hot platform with ease by using sprint and bubble... no comment.


I have a jedi knight and a juggernaut and it is just ridiculous how EASY it is to make a touchdown...

Just jump down and wait for the fresh spawn, force jump - laugh.


Compared to my merc, who has no mobility and no advantage apart from the 360° kick.


The two other battlegrounds are different of course but after playing so many hours I really see no reason in playing any other class than these two overpowered force classes!


I can't imagine how ranked bgs will look like ... just stupid.


my two cents

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