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Elder needs your help


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Hi guys n gals


First off I must say I love my commando...


Now heres the crunch - I have been playing as a combat medic and this is really not for me. No pun intented either. Im not very fast with a mouse so I really don't want people to rely on me for heals. I think you can picture this in your mind so what Im looking for is this.



Is it possible to level up from 35 onwards as either Gunnery or Assault specced. I have Dorne and Mr. Catman as my children affectionately call him. They are decently specced.




I have cybertech at 320 so no problems at all with obtaining odd pieces of gear and remodding them.



What would my best options be for a companion and which build would suit a playstyle where I am not so quick with the mouse / keyboard.


Do you have a build that would get me started in the right path?


Thank you for your time in replying.

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Gunnery builds are pretty straightforward.


Here's one that takes the faster MP and AP cast time so you can heal yourself in a pinch, plus all the key Gunnery dps talents.


Grav Round is your friend, Full Auto should be used often, especially when you get the Curtain of Fire proc.


Some of those points are optional based on preference, and I assumed due to mobility concerns that you wanted a PvE build.

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Just as a heads up, you may or may not know this but you don't have to just start putting points in another tree, you can go to republic fleet and find a guy which will let you reset all your skill points and you can spec like you went gunnery all along.



On your fleet station, in the combat training area there is an NPC that will allow you to reset your skill tree.


Said NPC is closest the the lift on the right of your map in that part of the station :)


EDIT: My directions aren't great so

that shows you where you need to go (for republic at least)


This is a pretty good guide when it comes to rotation and talents, but feel free to customize it to how you like it:




Might help you in your new adventures! Good luck! gunnery is easy and fun.

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