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Low-level UT missions broken?


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for last 5 days I try to collect purple Underworld Metals grade 1 and 3.

I haven't seen a single Rich yield mission for them.


Got 3 Agrinium from Bountiful yield in that period. Krayt Dragon scales? Got 2 of them about two weeks ago.


Meanwhile I also collected 45 Mandalorian Iron and about 28 Denebrillian Star Silk - both are Grade 6 underworld materials. I also got about 36 Promethium which is Grade 5 underworld metal. All from rich yields which actually DO happen.



What's going on? Anyone got similar issue?

Shouldn't it be that once you reach lvl50 / UT400 the low-level materials occur in rich yields more commonly than the high level do? Cause currently it's totally crazy. 3 units per week is ridiculously low outcome. Especially for someone who actually tries to earn credits with crafting. In theory I should make my lvl 21 bracers more expensive than lvl 49 one. :rolleyes:

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It doesn't appear you got any help with this so I hope you check back and see this. I had an issue getting resources I needed by missions as well. What I did was go and buy a few missions off the gtc. I ran maybe two and both gave what I was looking for and then after that those resources came easy on regular missions. I can only assume this is how it is meant to be and gives value to those one time missions people sell for such rude amounts of creds. Good luck and hope this helps you out.
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