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Proposal to Bioware: Do the maintenance in EU time


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I have one suggestion to Bioware:


As you do all the server maintenances at same time, why you don't do it in EU GMT Time??


It will means :


Start at 02:00 AM GMT (20PM CST/ 18PM PST / 21PM EST)

Ends at 08:00 AM GMT (2AM CST / 24PM PST / 3AM EST)


It will produce lot of benefits for you:


- You will stop receiving claims and /cry from the EU players.

- You will reduce operating costs, because not all hours will be in night time (surely night work haves a prime to BW employees).

- You can extend this maintenance 1 or 2h , will be not a matter (we will still sleeping).


Waiting notices from you!


Best regards,

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Hello everyone,


We value your thoughts and feedback regarding Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and recognize that a lot of players want to discuss how patch times are effecting European players. We ask that you join the discussion that is already in progress in this thread so everyone can participate in the same ongoing conversation and we can keep the forums tidy.


We will now be closing this thread, but feel free to carry on in the linked discussion. Thanks!

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