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Unacceptable EU service levels


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long time player of several MMO's, and never have I been so annoyed by anyones blatent disregard for a large part of thier player base.


The number of recent patches is rediculas, but as a newly launched game, I can over look this if the issues resolve soon. what i cannot over look is the continued insistance that these patches always occur during EU prime times, and Biowares apparent disregard of the issue, or to even bother to appolagise for it.


I dont care that the server may all be physically located in the US, I dont care that the people working to apply updates may all be US based, and want to only work in US daytime hours. I was under the belief that this game was for WORLDWIDE use, and was PAYING for the same level of service as all other players, regardless of location.


If Bioware can only provide reasonable levels of server uptime to its US player base, they should announce this. If nessassary EU players should compensated for the loss of prime time (service offline for 6 hours on a Saturday is not acceptable for any subscription-based leisure activity anywhere in the world). Despite the numourous posts about these issues, Bioware has not (to my knowledge) even bothered to comment on the problem, or provide even the simplest explanation. This is begining to show that they only care about there US player base.


If this is the case, then under UK law ive purchased a product not fit for the purpose its sold for, and should be able to claim a full refund.


If Bioware does not address this issue soon, then it will be losing EU customers, it will no longer be able to support the game with the quality iot should recieve and it will ultimatelly fail.


So Bioware - can we finally have a response? or do i contact trading standards over a company that seems to have written off the entire EU in terms of customer service??

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Hello everyone,


We value your thoughts and feedback regarding Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and recognize that a lot of players want to discuss how patch times are effecting European players. We ask that you join the discussion that is already in progress in this thread so everyone can participate in the same ongoing conversation and we can keep the forums tidy.


We will now be closing this thread, but feel free to carry on in the linked discussion. Thanks!

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