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hello all admittedly im new to swtor but i am not new mmos in general over the course of playing a few ideas have come to mind that i have thought of and have come to the decision to share them with you in hopes that they will be popular amongst those players eager to see more content in the game and of course that bioware will of course take notice depending on the outcome of this discussion im attempting to make


idea #1 maybe some have you have progressed through the game and found you feel satisfied making your character look unique and feel good about playing him or her and you find that you have some armour that you absolutely love the look of or just downright hate it or hate the look of wearing decent quality armor with different contrasts i for one have a sith inqusitor with a very good looking and upgradeable chest piece but i cant seem to find a lower bit that will look nice with it let alone an upgradeable one.


some of you ex veteran Wow players as im pretty sure a lot have switched to wow after swg bit the proverbial bullet and you have noticed all the Armor you had looked like rubbish example the leggings probably looked like they were barfed on by an elephant or helmets that looked like they were used as a bathroom or grinding our butts off for a weapon only to find its a smelly old mackarel.


what if we could craft or for a price customize our weapons and armor with upgradable quality at a workbench by upgradable quality i mean the armour you get from some comendation vendors so we can make our characters look unique and maintain a better feeling of a entire galactic community without having to walk though a populated area and see that there are people who look and dress the same as you so instead of going "hey that jerk stole my idea" its now "haw haw my armor looks better than theirs"


i hope this idea will be an inspiration for more people helping bioware with the job they do so well hope to see you soon have a good day all


Ps: please no abusive comments



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