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General Grievous & Darth Maul/Malgus


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We all know that Maul could have EASILY killed Kenobi and was a very gangster character but no, they had to go and kill him off in EP. I


And of course, 1 saber vs 4 light sabers; General Grievous could have easily defeated Kenobi had he of been more aggressive, why George Lucas killed off these two amazing characters is beyond me.


I realize SWTOR takes place far before these two characters, but we have all seen the movies, and I would like to think I'm not the only SW fan who hates it when the gangster characters are killed off.


Also Darth Malgus, is easily the new Vader, great backstory, gangster look/presence, but NO, why would you keep these 3 guys around? Nope, lets keep JAR JAR Binks and Obi-Wan!




Your Thoughts?

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