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sage healing pvp help


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I am currently playing a sage and I generally get around 280k healing a match, but I often see people hitting 300k fairly easy and I once saw someone hit 500k and was like WTH so I'm looking for some advice. I got some champion gear, however I currently am really lacking in the champion set pieces.. So I realize that may be part of my problem.


Also while I'm looking for help in healing what is the best place to stand etc in different warzones. I often seem to run into issues with either people line of sighting me due to them running away or getting a little to much attention and dying alot.


As far as my healing strat goes depending on how much dmg or focus fire someone gets is force armor if they don't have it, the instant heal for the armor buff and then the longer induction heal deliverance? I'm bad with the names. I am doing a better job of hitting my crit skills to get more crits. Also I am currently stacking alacrity and power over crit and surge.


So yeah any tips anyone can give me either specifically or in general.

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