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Why are there so many phases??


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I understand that for your class story, phases make sense since you don't want someone interfering with your epic conversation with the main NPC in your quest line. I genuinely like these phases.


Why are there so many other phases though. Not only for heroic 2s or 4s, but also for some other single player quests for god's sake. The worlds are already big, sterile and lifeless as is, why have these barriers that make it so I see one other character once every 15 mins if I'm lucky. It doesn't feel like an MMO. I don't want to be in my own little world, I'd play Mass Effect for that, this is supposed to be a vibrant world with tons of players that I should see killing the same mobs at the same time as I am.


Why have PVP servers anyway? There's no sense of danger ever... I've seen 3 republic players leveling up my sith jug and 2 rode past on their speeders... Where is the sense of needing to watch my back. Thought I'd see more sith on my trooper that I could fight. Nope... Balmorra and Taris are the worst case of that. Why actually flag me on Balmorra or Taris, I won't see any opposite faction if its completely different phase, that makes no sense.

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