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Breaking into PvP part 2


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So a couple weeks back i made a thread about breaking into pvp




Since i read the changes in 1.1 patch and some of the suggestions on my previous thread and decided to give another whirl at an earlier level so i started as a level 17 Powertech.


The first thing i noticed right off is how good the Bolster system works i felt like i could stand on my own and even kill higher level people. Everything feels like a fight and sure when you have a few people on you, you get killed quick.


The second thing i noticed is there really is two games going on in PvP there is winning the match which nets its own satisfaction, and rewards. And there is grinding medals for commendations and valor and the two games are sort of mutually exclusive. Sometimes they line up and while trying to win the game you gain quite a number of medals but i have found that usually the people at the top of the charts have the least objective points.


The Third thing i have noticed is people tend go for the objectives, very authentic pvp and not so much of a grind valor and commendations. And even when you run into a group that is "farming" medals off of you, you have the ability to farm medals off of them its not like the high powered 50's where you couldn't kill anyone.


I have gotten really hooked on this lower level pvp where everyone feels on fair footing sure sometimes you run into a stacked group of 49's and it still sucks but they arn't invincible you can still drag them in the fire and watch them burn.


The few negative things i have to say about it are minor in comparison to the fun i have gotten out of it. the first is Valor rank capping at level this seems arbitrary and when it first happened to me i reported it as a bug. It feels like i put the time in and got that valor why not let me continue to rank up.


The second is the Commendation cap its fine that there is one but there is no warning as to it. I mean you guys have a warning when your inventory is almost full seems like there should be one for when your commendations are almost capped. Instead of going several games before realizing its not going up.




Number one is The Voidstar From the get go this has been quite possibly the worst warzone for me its just a real crap shoot it feels like you have no real control over what is happening or any real tactics other then zerg a door and have a stealth-er try and ninja the other. Add in two just two healers that know what they are doing and the death count drops extremely. add in 4 healers and no one dies. In fact i have had voidstars that ended with no one on either side dieing this should just never happen.


Number two is the Battle for alderon This warzone feels like the fairest for all parties involved. The most strategy and the most time to respond to things going out of Wack. Lots of points for defending and feels the best at keeping everyone on a level playing field.


Huttball this has a lot of hate attached to it because if your imperial you get it the most. But i think its the best designed one, after understanding the basic strategy behind it. It has a pretty high learning curve but the more i play the more i want to get huttball when i que. The hazards and throwing the ball and being able to intercept it. All of my awesome moments in PvP happened in huttball because of the design. I would love to see more huttball courts. Its probably the least fair for playing against premade groups but if you see what they are doing you can actually play hard defense against it knowing where people stand to knock them off.


So i am now level 32 with my powertech and have only PvPed from 17 and loving it for the most part. I will probably make my next post when i hit 50 and see where we are at there. Thank you for reading and comments.

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