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Quest Structure


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Ok, this is a little bit of a whine, something of a suggestion and just venting in general. i would like to hear *constructive* feedback beyond the usual flaming if at all possible.


I dislike how certain quests, if you fail them, remove you from the entire area and require that you re-kill all the trash mobs all over again. It's not that these type of quests are bad really, but I would like to know ahead of time the price of such failure. It is very annoying to down 20-30 mobs, get to a boss and die when he has 100 HP left only to discover you have to take 10-20 minutes to do all the trash all over again instead of ressing and battling the boss only.


Is it unreasonable to ask that such quests somehow be noted or color coded or something so you can conserve blowing cooldowns and plan better?

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