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OPS and loot/Armormech.


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PLEASE add a /ROLL and also please allow us to trade gear with people part of the raid that help kill the boss. i see issues with loot every raid with every boss.


people will roll need on 2 sets of same tier drops, lets say there are 2 leg rakata drops and people roll need on both then one guy wins both and cant trade the other off to another raid member. i see this happen A LOT and its happen to me.



the looting in hard modes and nightmares in its self is a nightmare its always chaos if some one clicks loot all and everyone just needs away and with both or cant trade the gear to the right class.



right now we have the raid leader (me or another) loot one at a time talking about if you need need it or pass. but this take soooo long we lose raid time talking about each loot drop and taking 3-5mins dealing with it.




PLEASE ADD /ROLL and please let us trade loot with other raid members.



also another thing i see is crew skills need a relook. Armormech is in need of a massive fix. the only useful thing it dose for a play allows them craft 2 items for them selfs and is almost useless after that.


i have not made much credits from it and the mats needed for anything worth selling comes from boss kills in raids and always sought after and even if i do get the mats needed the item still dose not sell for well at all.


what it needs is a perk from it. maybe adding a extra modding spot or maybe +stat to what ever the high stat or spec stat that person is.


the one skill i see everyone dropping for is Biochem, its a really potent crew skill (not saying nerf it at all) just wish the other crew skills had the usefulness that biochem has.


so please have a look at crew skills see what you can do. i feel like in 2 month Armormech will be 100% useless and its already hard to get anything to sell on the GTM with out going under the cost of mats.





If i posted this in the wrong forum please move it.




Thank you!!



P.S Please Fix Companion dismiss spam as well please.

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