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Sage/Shadow Battle Master Items - Mod Stats Compilation


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The goal of this thread is to have anyone who owns a SET PIECE of Battlemaster gear to please post the name of the item, and the mods it comes with, as such:

Item Name


Mod Name

# End

# Will

# Crit/Power


Enhancement Name

# End

# Power

# Surge


Many of us want to rip mods out to create the stats we want on certain sets. A lot of people are taking Survivor gear and replacing the mods and enhancements with DPS mods because the set bonus is better for anyone who runs Combat Technique.


I will update THIS POST with anything you post. Hopefully this will make your final gearing process a little easier, by allowing you to know exactly what mod or enhancement comes with what.


Please post if you have any Battlemaster Consular gear, be it Sage or Shadow set pieces.


Thank you for your contributions.

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god i wish this was here before i took mods out already lol.


i essentially have 2 full champ sets.

1 stalker set- mods all taken out and weaker ones put in for nadia

1 survivor set-all mods taken out and put in orange gear for PvE


i took all of the stalker set dps mods and put them in the survivor set since i play kinetic dps and use spin kick a lot and guard always for the +5% dmg buff (which isnt working since 1.1)


i would have had just about all of the melee mods sorry.

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can't you just go to the vendor and look at what all the mods/enhancement give?


Yes and no. No you can't see what's on the mods.


You can guestimate what they might be by looking at the stats, but because the items have base unmodible stats, you can't really tell at a glance or through math which exact mod you're getting.


According to the outdated list on TORHead there are 3 versions of each mod type, for ex.:


3 versions of Advanced Mettle Mod (25, 25A, 25B)


If people are going to spend 2 Battlemaster tokens just for a mod, then I think it'll be helpful to know the exact version of the mod you can rip out of different pieces.


Same thing goes for enhancements. Mods and Enhancements are the only modifiable spots on Battlemaster gear or any PvP gear for that matter.


Edit: Actually I haven't checked the Battlemaster scroll overs since I made Battlemaster, I'll check at the vendor to see if it'll give further detail on the mod stats, but I kind of doubt it.

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take that for example, the mod has 48 endurance. the enhancement has 40.


40+48 = 88


item has 119 end


119 - 88 = 31 endurance


the base item with no mods or enhancements has 31 endurance.


expertise rating is always built into the item itself (so far at least) so mods / enhancements are always safe to remove for use in PvE gear.



also to note, tank stats are always a type B mod, in case you didn't know that


and the number is linked to the level of the mod. so mods with [50] next to them are always xxx mod 22 the list goes


[50] = 22, craftable

[51] = 23, found in centurion and tionese gear

[56] = 24, found in champion and columi gear

[58] = 25, found in battlemaster and rakata gear

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the RNG system is kind of bad.

personally i know i was lucky with getting the 2 full set that i did.

the only piece im missing is my champion DBL LS.

But trust me i have gone days before with getting nothing and i have also gotten about 5 earpieces and offhands :(

thats just champion bags too.

2 more valor ranks and i get to start rageing about not getting BM comms :(

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