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Viable PVE build?


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So I'm new to the game and i'm mainly planning to use this build for party pve. As such, damage skill rotations are based around blade storm and sweep, but focus will be on damage mitigation:




any recommendation for changes?


If you want to focus on blade storm and sweep why did you skip Courage and pacification?


Its nearly impossible to have good mitigation and good damage - with your build you're missing both overhead slash and guardian slash, not having either will leave you without a hard hitting ability, blade storm is not a high damage ability and sweep only rocks large numbers with a true focus build.


Try determining what you want to do, if you want to tank (mitigation), use a tank build, if you want to do damage, make a DPS build, trying to hybrid for both doesn't really work.


Of course, don't let anyone tell you that your playstyle is wrong, if this works for you, then all the power to you - but from outside looking it, it feels like you're missing important stuff.

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