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"and are even able to drain the energy of their enemies to further strengthen their resolve". So when the hell can a Juggernaut "drain" an opponent's "energy"? I'm level 50 and have yet to find a skill that can do this, which is what pisses me off slightly. I created this char because I thought I'd be able to heal somewhat in battle like a (sorry in advance) WoW warrior (which I had never made, but I knew they heal, and I wanted to try it in swtor). Their char description lead me to believe I could. :confused:


I wasn't expecting amazing damage (my maurader covers that nicely), but I was expecting a little more longevity. I convinced a friend to make a sorc, and he's only moderately pvp geared now at lvl 50, yet he crushes jugs. But when I take him on with my less geared 50 maurader it's almost always my win.


I think we could use some sort of healing ability, even a slight one. This temp heal for 10 secs just prolongs your inevitable death (as much as it's saved my *** with 1hp). And not just for PVP, I mean even Bioware has realized that our survivability later in the game is quite sad for a class that is supposed to "shrug off damage".


So what do you think, amp up the defences or add a (reasonable) healing ability? If we can't hit that hard or fast and are short range AND have no lengthy stuns, I think we need SOME sort of freaking advantage ;).


This probably applies more to the non tank spec Jugs like myself.

- and no I'm not mad at our pvp performance, I know we stomp *** in huttball and some of you claim to tank 2-3 people without a healer and win (right;)). But I'd like to put up more of a fight in general.

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