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Couple things to ponder..


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Hi=) I am a bit confused as the point of a sniper in pvp. I get the stay back and snipe away part. However, if just one person is attacking me back i cannot outburst them normally not even close. I thought sniper was a burst class, so why is everything out bursting me even though i have a weapon my level and the pvp gear my level. Not a huge deal but a bit confusing as like i said in opening line whats its point? it has little other it can do at least at level 21. I cant knock off the ball carrier unless he runs right to me like half the other classes.

I am really having some problems finding my place with it=(


Anywho, perhaps a little help on tactics and specs could help=) Would be thankfull.


Another thing i found funny. I am used to seeing lots of sorcerers in the warzones. But a game i played just a bit ago had 11... that is more than one full team 0_o.

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