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PvE vrs PvP Schems


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Since you can get schems as drops from pve with according stats I suggest that we get schems with pvp stats from,.. well pvp of course.


But make it so that everyone and there brother doesn't get them. Give the purchaser of the schems a Valor rank requirement. Like lvl 30 Valor for blues and lvl 60 valor for artifacts. Schems that are BoP and actually give stats usefull for pvp.


This would allow for a slightly varied route in gearing for pvpers, being able to purchase the pieces from the GTN, with valor limitations of course. It would also give something for crafters that focus pvp to actually make that is usefully for what they and their friends enjoy.


This would also help to round out the economy that frankly, takes a nose dive at lvl 50.




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