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Delay, bugs, and sync issues!


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I am having huge issues with a large number of my abilities. It's extremely annoying during hard modes and operations, and it makes things a lot harder for me and everyone else (I'm a healer).


Current issues I have:


Reactive shield

Will sometimes NOT ACTIVATE AT ALL. It's not a delay issue. I can stand there, or run around, pressing it several times and it won't activate. I usually try to activate it after using adrenaline rush. The only way to fix this bug is if I use some other ability, and then try to use it again.


Bacta infusion

Will sometimes not activate instantly after the cooldown is done.


Auto Fire

Will start channeling, but not do any damage at all.


Tech Override

Will instantly heal, but the channel bar will still come up! This happens occasionally, and completely ruins its purpose. I noticed this today when doing Eternity Vault, but I can't confirm this 100% since there was a lot going on (and yes, I didn't just press the ability twice). Temp solution: activate, and run while casting the heal, it will prevent the ability from channeling.


Mortar Volley

Anyone who plays trooper will know what the issue here is. Ability out of sync.


General delay

Abilities don't feel "snappy" as they should. Trying to use an ability right after the global cooldown/cooldown feels slow. It also happens quite often that I use AMP or MP, and start running the instant it is finished. The channel bar will give me a "failed" message, but the ability will still heal the target.




Additional note:

Kolto Bomb targets at random. It only targets three people, make it a smart bomb! I know we aren't supposed to be party healers, but this is ridiculous.



Edit: I just read http://www.swtor.com/blog/georg-zoeller-gives-update-ability-delay

Which answers the bacta infusion, tech override, and general delay issues.

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