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I hope Bioware adds to existing planets, rather than adding new ones.


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You don't want to expand the game too much or you suffer from what Everquest does where there are so many zones that you barely see any people because you're spread over so much content. I really love Planets like Tatooine because they feel like planets and with the two faction cities it would be really kool to add some kind of world PVP objectives to make use of it. I don't want to see new planets added like Ilum when you could populate existing planets with content that makes them worthwhile to revisit.


Planets like Nar shaddaa, Tython and Coruscant (mainly the starter planets) just feel like a corridor. I would really love to see new content on them planets that opens them up some more to make them feel less like linear levels.


It would be really nice to get the worlds feeling like worlds and not just adding in more and more worlds making each one feel more like a mini game.

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