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Social sets and orange gear


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I'm sure this was mentioned already somewhere but I didn't find so I make this suggestion.


I love the idea of the social sets, and the moddable orange gear, since almost all game I do care about my characters look. But the system as it works with the social sets right now not really fair to most of the classes.


All social sets, regardless of the look and design categorized as Light Armor. It's really great for clothies (consular/inquisitor) and maybe not a real problem to ranged dps and healer classes, but to tanks and melee classes, who really uses their armor, it's not really fair.

We came up with some suggestions, maybe worth to think about.


- The social gear has no armor type of it's own, it's adjusting to the wearer. So if a heavy armor user class equip it, it counts as heavy armor, and calculate the mods as such. And of course the same for medium and light armor classes.

- The moddable armors don't have armor class, the Armoring mod has and gives it. The mods already class-bound by the stats on them, since all classes uses different stat combinations (maybe str is an exception, but that can be adjusted with the less work). So if someone pop a sta+aim armoring mod into an elegant dress, that becomes heavy armor (all aim users wear that), if a sta+will then light armor.


With this all classes and all specs could use any social sets without gimping themselves, and make their character whatever they want (with the limitations of the sets of course).

With a little consideration, this system could be extended to some generic orange gear piece too. Some pieces are already class bound (with 'required: trooper') so with that the really iconic sets or PvP sets still can be identified to a class. But that would give a little more variation to the - let's face it - quite limited wardrobe options for the characters.

For my case, I aim for something like this on my shadow main.

(excuse for the image quality, the paper doll still shows low res maps on characters and high on companions only :( )


It's a knight middle armor chest-piece and a knight heavy boots. The inspiration - obviously - was Master Satele's dress. I don't want the same exact one, but something on that line. Something else than the long, thick robes. Also, showing some flesh with a light armored, athletic style class never hurts :)


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I like that idea, scaling the armor rating to the maximum type that can be equipped by the wearer. A Heavy armor type user would put on Social gear, and the armor rating would scale to the rating value that is appropriate for Heavy armor type. . . i.e. rating 80 would not be 80 Light, but 80 Heavy.
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