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Fix the damn pvp like ... NOW


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Phase 1: Voidstar, won, daily +0, still 0/3.


Phase 2: Hutball: 4/0, 2 minutes before match ends CTD, relog on fleet ... ?! ***? Of course no victory, daily +0, still 0/3


Phase 3: Voidstar, accept invite, mount the stupid bike, alert, half the team lands at start while the first room doors are blasted. ***??


Phase 4: Ilum ... omg *** barbeque!??!!! I think everyone knows by heart the issues with ilum by now!


Phase 5: ability delay, no indications on when a skill is usable or no!!!


BW/Mythic/EA, get into your senses and fix your stupid game!!!



And btw, customer support is inexistent!!!!

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