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ok so im not the best speller or typist so dont bother to troll me on it since I know i suck at them.But these would be very good if they was added and sum of the stuff if not liked by all they dont need to use them.



UI/map Make the map more useable as in make it browseable for every planet and zone also Map notes would not be bad idea also



UI/quest log have quest log show the rewards xp/credit/valor and everything it gives.


Add macro's to the game.


Make traveling faster for people who want to travel faster make quick travel shorter and allow to bing to anywhere any planet including ship.


cut out needing to click a bind point it should open auto if u click on the taxi and if no taxi it should auto unlock on discovering the zone.


Sprint should be auto on as well and be giving at lvl 10.


make mobs not spawn as fast when in a cave its not all that fun to rekill everything when leaving.


Add cross server PVP queue's


i know i have more just cant think of them right now.

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