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Come On BioWare, I Know You Can Do Better


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Right now, the game has a lot of issues -- I understand that mmo's are large, and may have issues, but you should not have released the game in the state it's currently in. I know EA will take a dump on your head if you don't release it when you say you're going to -- But honestly, games use to be built with integrity, and reliability ... what happened to those days?


The only two companies that consistently put out 9.0+ games, is Valve and Rockstar, and Blizzard before they joined Activision -- though I still love them.


In all honesty, BioWare, you use too as well, and I'm concerned that you've stepped off the path you once walked.


I implore you to make due with your promises on a broader scale -- and more-so, fix some issues that you deny exist. This game uses about 40% - 80% of my GPU at all times, and lags behind in performance tremendously compared to other games; that not only look better, but have high resolution textures (which are in the game, but not usable, because you're trying to hide your faults -- tsk tsk).


Admit that your games engine could use a lot of polish, and actually work on it to run and look as good as a modern game from a well established game company should.


I've built computers my whole life, and run Battlefield 3 at mostly high settings, and it performs with rock steady FPS, and 100% (well 99%) GPU usage. Even though, my computer's spec's are 3 years behind (Intel Quad Q8200 2.3GHz, 4 GB DDR2 1333, and a GTX 260 that is overclocked).


A game that's equal in size to your maps, that has much higher and more detailed textures, more action at times, and a further view distance -- runs better than this game, that game is GTA IV.


I will say that you've nailed a lot of things with this game, and I'm addicted to the story line, and the voice acting is spot on (though you get heavy handed with the gunslinger repeating so many responses).


The unique elements that you've added, like: the ship, companions (who work for you and live on your ship), dark side / light side concept in an mmo, and attention to detail in the Star Wars universe in general -- all make this game something very enjoyable to play -- when it's running smoothly.


If you fix and optimize your games engine, I'll gladly throw money at you. But right now, I'm afraid $15 a month is too much to pay to suffer through such lacking performance -- especially when I know it could be so much better.

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