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Scoundrel nerfing


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Just posting another thread, since flooding stuff works the best.


I just can't see how you can control balancing through nerfing so many aspects of a class.


less damage, less armor penetration, and lower KB duration at the same time... seriously to much to take in one nerf bat.


if the resolve bar is still full after our opener, the class will be useless, since we don't have nearly as much good defense tools.


Just hit rank 62 yesterday night. I have played against some really well geared operatives in group vs group. i am particiâting in the Europeen Star Map PVP competition. to put out an operative burst, just stun them after their opener. snare them. this is just a case of L2P. you will see how weak you can make us.


I am more concerned about gardians hitting 6k+ AOEs on fully geared players even after the stack nerf.


The dev team overlooking PVP is complete s h i t. Start fixing major pvp issues before spamming randoms nerfs.


Oh and somthing that might just help you devs: PLAY YOUR GAME.


Unhappy smuggler.

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