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[Handy Suggestions] What i would enjoy Bioware to bring in this Game


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So i want to keep this thread short, just a small writing from me with suggestions about simple things to implement which will improve the game by alot for many! (atleast for me)




Beeing able to copy stuff from chat (extremly usefull when it comes to copying ventrilo, teamspeak or even mumble's IP server address)


Shift clicking someones name will give a short and basic information about the character

(level, what guild, legacy name if displayed and location of the player)


LFG search tab or something similar (yes you got /lfg but it is extremly messy, noone uses it and most people dont display if they are doing normal mode or hardmode.


Long term expansion suggestion:

Make the spaceships usefull in multiplayer, dont add in more dailies all the time. People dont want to waste money on upgrades on the ship for nobody to see.. This will take time but making an whole expansion dedicated to the ship and continue designing it's mechanism in a perhaps PvP expansion? WOW that is something i know EVERYONE would spend money on, trust me.

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