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I am for one am impressed with the games 1.1 update yea pvp on Ilum is messed up a bit but at least I am not just helping the Sith get their weekly/daily done and actual pvp is required on the Pvp planet...The new flashpoint was amazing I have never seen another game do instances so well with story and plot at times it actually surprised me and caught me off guard a few times almost making me jump. Bugs happen and obviously they were trying to fix they postponed for what 3 days? Before that people were complaining and rushing them to get it out there...it has caused some minor problems with the game I have not had the global CD glitch everyone else seems to have though. Bug will happen and bugs will be fixed it is an MMO. Thats the problem with anyone the bad always stands away from the great and the bad will get more attention and will always be pointed out more often than the greatness of anything.
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