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Tank or Healer?


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So I am torn. In games where tanking can pseudo happen in PvP, I love doing it. I love the idea of a tank that can stealth in, wreak some Havoc all while protecting a healer. Jedi Shadow and Scoundrel healer must be awesome together.


Anyway, I loved tanking in WAR. Running around, debuffing, pulling and taunting off healers and CCing everyone all the while never dying.


The only thing is, none of my RL friends are playing a healer in pvp. And even in a PuG scenario I find warzones/bgs whatever you call them generally lack healers, and the side with better healers generally loses.


I dont mind playing a healer, but ive been doing it for like ten years in every game I play. Even in WAR I ended up rerolling.


Do you think its something I should worry about? Do you think warzones even in pug situations will have a decent spread of healers? Do you think people will work together? I found id often run prot in WSG and try to flag run but people dont follow you and heal you.


Should I just go for shadow and do what I want and hope healers get into my WZs? Or go for my second option since winning is important to me?


How important do you think tanks will be in PvP? Or will they just end up becoming sub par DPS?

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