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What's the problem here?


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I am frustrated by waiting for early access, but ONLY because I would like to start playing the game. Blaming Bioware for this frustration would be ridiculous.


They promised early access "Up to 5 days in advance of launch." "Up to" does not mean "at least;" it really means "at most." Yet, here we are 6 days in advance of release and people are being allowed early access. Some people will be in the game 7 days ahead of release.


They are allowing people to enter in waves according to their preorder date exactly how it was explained. Beyond that, servers not being full or any of that BS, Bioware has met and exceeded it's promise to the player base.


So, it looks to me like they gave us a nice perk for early order by starting to allow us into the game before we had any right to expect to be allowed in. How are they rewarded for this? Constant complaining.


In no other avenue is the adage "no good deed goes unpunished" more true than in the world of MMORPGs.

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I paid 10$ for early access, so its not a perk or a good deed.

Early access is something we bought.


Also. I just look forward to get my mail and i hope that I didnt pay 10$ for being let in the 19th. :D

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