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Goodmorning bioware


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As the title says, good morning Bioware.


I hope you guys are feeling better after yesterday's "fiasco" (I know you might not call it that, you probably expected it. I'm calling it that, it's cathartic). I know that myself, having slept on it, feel better as well.


I'm thinking it's time we put our differences behind us and focus on moving forward.


So you guys settle in and look over the server metrics and start figuring out how many of us you can squeeze in today. Grab a coffee or something, but no cake please (I bet you guys left early yesterday because there was some launch cake sitting around, and everyone felt really sick after eating too much of it. THE WORST I know!!).


I'm going to sip my coffee here and pay attention to other things, and basically not lolrage (again, sorry about that, I was just cranky, maybe my blood sugars were low? It's not an excuse so sorry) and hopefully I'll see you guys later on.

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