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Does staggered access discourage leveling with friends & encourage skipping content?


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The whole unfair advantage complaint, the server first complaint, the name saving complaint, the pvp exploit, and the disheartening feel of a spoiled already populated server, can all be fixed via sacrificing being on one of the original servers (most likely more entertaining and most likely more loyal servers) and starting on a fresh server.


My only gripe with this whole staggered launch is that I am literally staggered from the friends I want to enjoy this game with and to fix this we are forced to wait till we all get our invites so we can choose a new server. A lot of time is wasted for the few who get in and some won't want to wait or some value one of the above consequences more than I do, creating a cross server divide. This is most certainly a testament to how good this game is and my appreciation for that shouldn't be understated. Some, on the other hand, might be reluctantly encouraged to skip content to catch up. I would gladly pay to be able to access this game during these "free gifted early access days."


Possibly the main appealing attraction of this game to me was being able to essentially play KotOR 3 online with a group of friends in PvE and PvP situations and Bioware has made it extremely difficult to do so with this staggered launch concept. I thought that the pre-launch guild system was supposed to embody and encourage Bioware's support for this concept but it turned out to be worthless upon implementation. This launch plan however logical from a technical standpoint (this I am doubtful of) undermines something Bioware has invested a lot of resources and planning to achieve.


Whether I will still financially support this game and continue to play is not a question and never has been. But, I am most definitely disappointed with what I assume is an unintended side affect of this launch plan, and a direct inhibitor toward playing the game with your friends at launch. (and it is most certainly launch)

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