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Carnage Views / My Personal Choice


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So first of all I would like to put this out there that I have not gotten the chance to test any of this build in-game nor do I vouche that this is a completely go to build or the most efficient. But after looking at it (a lot) I have decided this is how I will try to go when I get to play in Star Wars. So my build.


I have researched all of this, specially after I concluded that too many people were probably going to go Imperial Agent. Hopefully this will be a pretty good incite into the Sith Marauder and the Carnage build, for PvP and PvE. I will say this is more geared towards PvP, but with that said I did observe some of the PvE aspects of it too.


10-11: Defensive Forms

I put 2 points into Defensive Forms to gain the 2 fury gained from every attack against you, which can occur every 1.5 seconds. Early game this allows Marauders to fire off attacks faster and gives your Shii-cho Form a little bonus.



12-14: Duel Wield Mastery

Next up my points go into the Duel Wield Mastery. Why? Simply put because I hate to lose out on that extra damage. And honestly 1 extra fury from Cloak of Pain isn't that much compared to 36% extra from the off-hand saber.



15-18: Erupting Fury & Enraged Charge

Its a toss up between the two we are getting both, so really it just depends on how you are playing and what you are doing. If you are PvP then do Enraged Charge first, it is a must. But if you are doing PvE you still want Enraged Charge, unless you do instances; where you are going to use Erupting Fury first for instances where you might have to tank.



19: 1 into Cloak of Carnage

Honestly the way I plan to play I'm going to be very rage hungry so its going to be draining quick. This will help remedy that a little. Plus I don't feel that this 1 point can really be skillfully utilized anywhere else.



20: Ataru Form

This is the basis of my build, a truly devastating form. With this your going to be getting 20% chance to land a second equally powerful attack every time you hit someone. And my personal favorite of this build so far; a 15% movement increase at all times coming from Defensive Forms. Good luck running now Mr. Smuggler.



21-22: Ataru Mastery

I choose to take this first over Execute because at this point I personally don't believe the extra 10% damage off of your abilities will do more than a flat 30% increase in damage on your Ataru strikes. Not to mention even if you did get better damage from Execute this early in your build you don't have enough rage or skills to keep your bonus rolling.



23-24: Execute

Just following up after Ataru Mastery, now you've leveled a bit more so your abilities will be getting more bonus off this mastery. Plus this will pay off in great heaps towards later levels.



25-27: Displacement & Blood Frenzy

Now this is again a situational split. If you are doing more PvP I suggest getting Displacement first. Why?, because it makes it easier to catch those pesky runners in those hard matches with a root; not to mention it gives you a little more range on Obsfucate allowing you to ward off attacks from not only melee opponents but ranged ones too now. Whereas Blood Frenzy is going to keep you rolling with more rage in those instances or in the PvE environments.



28-29: Towering Rage

Now as previously stated this build is made for PvP. So I chose to go with this mastery. It brings a greater range of burst damage available to you. A crit can go a long way with a burst class for scoring that clutch kill. Sure the lowered cooldown from Enraged Assault would net a higher amount of rage over the long run, but by this point we are generating well enough rage to last us our split second encounters, if we play correctly. So lets save that for the PvE'ers.



30: Gore

Get it Get it Get it. With this nifty little skill we are going to be opening a whole new case of screw you on those noobies. With the 100% armor penetration addition gained from this attack we can burst right through squisher targets with a well placed combo. That simple.



31-32: Rattling Voice

I chose to go with this first over Unbound because if the enemies are dead there is no reason to have to run. Not only that but also I'm going to be playing with a group of teamies so this will allow me to add more damage to the brawl. Also remember this will help land those Blood Fury Super Screams more often.



33-34: Unbound or Enraged Assault

Now I go with Unbound for those times that the enemies think that they can get tricky with the ganks; or I just need to slip out of my opponent's combo chain to re-engage for the kill. But if stealthy gameplay really isn't your cup of tea. Or you find yourself low on rage all too often then you can forgo the Unbound path for Enraged Assault to max our that river or rage running through your veins.



35-36: Overwhelm

Honestly need I explain. One of your most powerful skills and one of my personal favorites now has the ability to render your opponent useless while you pound on him like that vending machine that always steals your money.



37-39: Sever

Once again natural progression up to that all powerful burst damage that we so painstakingly seek. 30% increase to all crit damage, including that one go to crit of the Blood Frenzy Super Scream that I'm so crazy about.



40: Massacre

Along with a good damage skill alone, Massacre also boasts a 6 second buff during which every attack you launch has a 50% chance to trigger ataru strike which puts you in a key position for even more (epic phrase) BURSTY COMBO CHAINTIME GOODNESS.<---Scary!!!



41-50 Personal Choice Time / Which Direction First


I personally favor more stun power so I head to the Rage tree first. Grabbing some buffs to my stunning abilities. Ideology behind it? More time they can't function, greater chance of surviving and scoring the kill. But if you are feeling rage starved a lot still then head to the Annihilation tree first to pick up Enraged Slash first.


41-42: Ravager

Going with Ravager just can't disappoint. Reducing the cooldown on Ravage is a god send, now I can cast my favorite skill that not only puts some serious damage down on your tail but now the added bonus of locking your goofy mug down. Additionally it reduces the cooldown on Force Choke yet another stunning/damaging ability that goes even further by netting me some extra rage to burn up.



43-44: Stagger

Now we get a boost on the stun for our initiate skill, how can this go wrong? It can't is the answer. I personally see opening up with a Force Charge > Gore > Ravage will be pretty scary, and it can only get worse for them from here.



45-46: Cloak of Annihilation

I take this over Enraged Slash first because our Cloak of Pain already has a 50% chance to give us some rage every time we take damage and our Cloak of Pain does some good damage by itself and adds some survivability. So why not grab a skill that helps us keep it up more often; given of course that you are utilizing retaliation like you should




47-49: Enraged Slash

Now we are really putting out damage, and can take a little of it. (itsy bitsy) But if you are going crazy all the time, and your not getting the chance to re-initiate on every new opponent then this is going to make sure your pool of rage stays filled to the brim. This mastery has a high probability to return some of your rage to you as you wail on the poor fools.



50: Seeping Wound

Now by this point your pretty set in your role and you should be doing good too. Even with that said though sometimes those jukey little creeps can be a pain in your dark side :) Now this will give your rupture, a previously decent skill, an upgrade into the devastating range. It gives rupture a 50% chance to slow the enemy for 30% of their movement speed while they are affected by it's bleed. If this procs while your going at em it can will just ruin their day. But I ultimately decided that the extra stun on your force charge was a decent trade-off for rupture's slow only having a 50% proc chance.

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hi there and thx for ur job. it is a good guide for future carnage marauder. still i would like to point out one thing.


narrowed hatred is way more important than enraged charge. if you go pve then it's a must, you need accurancy more than any other stat, even more than a extra rage caused by force charge

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Thanks Sibas. My only question is, do you need it in PvP? Because that is really what I built this for. If you do then would it be smarter to take points out of Erupting Fury for a PvP situation instead of Enraged Charge? And vice versa for PvE taking points out of Enraged Charge and keeping the ones in Erupting Fury?


Just my counter 2 cents haha

I just really feel like that nice 4 rage lead on an enemy in PvP can really make the difference. It is hard for an enemy to rebound once you have em on the ropes.

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Played a 50 marauder last build and had a blast on it. If this spec is PvP focused like you said I would have some suggestions.


Erupting fury is a pretty craptastic talent for PvP IMO, it is by far the worst fury building talent that marauders get, its soso for PvE but in PvP the points can be best spent elsewhere.


With only 5% base defense I found cloak of annihilation to be pretty crap as well (unless for some reason you stack defense, medium str armor is not itemized for this stat from what I found), you simply wont be dodging or parrying enough attacks to use retaliation reliably. Arguably though this talent is still better than erupting fury. This talent comes down to more of a preference and gear itemization though and can considered a filler talent (I just found myself starved for points when I finally settled on my exact spec).


The 1 point in seeping wound isn't all that great IMO since your other snare does a much better job (2 rage 50% slow for 12 seconds with NO cooldown), rupture is a pretty low priority skill for full Carnage specs, especially once you get massacre.


I wound up with something like this http://db.darthhater.com/skill_calc/sith_warrior/marauder/#::f14e2f3defe5de3fe7f20


There are 3 points leftover and also the 2 points in narrow hatred can be shifted (this depends a lot on how much accuracy you stack with gear), though remember your offhand accuracy is going to much lower than your mainhand. The reasoning behind this spec is as follows. Quick recovery is absolutely amazing for both pve and pvp, it makes both your aoe's cost only 1 rage (this is huge when defending nodes from multiple people trying to cap doors or turrets). 3 seconds may not sound like a lot of time to shave off battering assault, but your rage bar will thank you for it (you want to get that 6 rage faster vs spamming assault for a measly 2 rage). Enraged assault can be swapped out however if you really want those 2 points elsewhere, but since you should be using battering assault whenever its up I found that personally, I could not go without the 2 points in this talent. Ravager and stagger are both good choices for the extra leftover points, depending on your experiences in pvp you may find narrow hatred or defensive roll to be viable options as well.


*Disclaimer Test it out and see what works for you, I am simply letting you know what I ended up with after much testing and theory crafting. Personal preference plays as big role as does your gear itemization and other factors as well. Happy testing!

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Personally last build as you with 1 change. I grabbed ravager after maxing dual wield. It helps from the begging in pvp when engaging as you can force charge then ravage your oponent quickly takeing their health down a considerable amount and scareing the **** out of them.
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