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Im an old gamer, been online since 1992 and played every major MMO that has ever come out. And im afraid for the future tbh, its going straight downwards into hell.


I remember in the 90's when MMO's launched, everyone was on their toes waiting for them to actually manage to get the servers up so the few hundred who pre-ordered the game could get it. And when those got in the servers continued to crash, bug etc.


I even miss the early 2000's, when MMO's still crashed, but the few 1000-10000 players who actually played an MMO waited with high anticipation to get in. Servers still crashed, bugged but we all where happy.


Then in 2004 World of Warcraft is released, the "counter-strike"-Generation gets a bloodied tooth for MMO's and the entire scene turns into a flame war. Spoiled brats that think the developers actually owes us something for purchising their game. Back in the day we saw it abit different, if you buy the game you suppor them. If you dont buy the game you dont, let their sales reflect what the public really wants.


This fact is still true tho, just look at Blizzard. Making millions on the masses, which is great for them.


Now to the point im trying to make.


Alot of you are very angry, and even if you see ALOT of threads on this forum your still a minority. Your voices might be a footnote in a meeting, but it wont change anything.

I totally understand why you are angry, there are several reasons for this. Here are a few ive noticed.

- You got misunderstood how launch worked.

- Your retailer lied to you(if this happened never order again from them imo)

- You see others play, you cant play due to the fact you either knew about the game too late or didnt wanna take a chance it would be this popular.

- You rage beacuse something else in your life makes you unhappy.


There is only one of those reasons that isnt your own doing, even the last one should not be effecting you this much in a computer game.


I did NOT get in the first day, i pre-ordered on August 6th which is fairly early. Ofcourse im frustrated and i want in sooo badly! I wish they would let everyone in at once.


But then i remember all the other MMO launches, how terrible they where. How much whine was puked on their forums about servers not working, 2-5 hour login qeues etc. And im thankful they are taking it slow compared to the number of pre-orders.


When i think about it more its a great thing. This will allow them to spread the community over a limited amount of servers, to monitor not just how many people join a server but how much they play. Cause there is a difference with 10 players playing 20 hours and 200 players playing 1 hour.


I know i will not change people's mind with this post. I just hope you show a little more understanding to how things work. Cause it is obvious to anyone who have more then 10 years of MMO experience that you dont got a clue what a free launch really looks like.

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