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A percentage that got in?


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Hello, before I start this is not a QQ I want in. I Pre-Ordered late due to my own stupidity and was highly doubtful I would be getting in day one. Originally I had assumed I would be getting in around day two or day three, after seeing the forums I intended to make a point of the % of people who got in day one and show the people crying that a high concentration of players were all late july pre-orders. But I discovered some kind of interesting information and I am begging to doubt my day 2-3 guess.



1) These are assumptions made by me using the information I have gathered from VG Charts, this information displays box copy pre-orders from United State retailers, I am 100% certain that the numbers are not accurate however for the following post I will be assuming that they are in margin with foreign retailers and digital sales.


2) If any information I have displayed his is incorrect please correct me I would be more than happy to do this math again.


3) I believe Star Wars opened for pre-order on July 23rd I may be a day or two off, but its a some what irrelevant number.


4) I know certain retailers ran out of early access I am not accounting for this because I do not believe it to be a large amount but if some one has numbers that can trash my argument I would be welcome to the.


Week One, SWTOR did not make pre order top 25, but through math It can be calculated that 19,324 Pre-Orders were made week one.


Week Two Ending 7/30 119,260 Pre Orders. Currently that is 1/10 of the box copy Pre-Orders and to my knowledge the cut off of today's EGA. Assuming this 10% number is in line with all other Preorders (IE Origin sold 10% of its current Pre-Orders in the first two weeks). This is where the current cut off is, Browsing through topics I have seen people on the 28th/29th get in but personally I have yet to see a person that came after.


To be exact 119,260 is currently 7.87% of the confirmed retail copies Pre-Ordered assuming Origins sale's look some what similar and EVERY SINGLE PERSON, put their code in and registered for head start is their really only 7.87% of the Pre-Orders in? Are they going to step up the quantity allowed in during future days?


I pre ordered some what early but due to my own stupidity did not realize I had to insert the code for the clock to start ticking I finally put my code in early September around 25-30% of retail copy's pre-ordered. With the current 7.87% math in place I would not see EGA till roughly day 3-4 and those who did not pre-order untill October would maybe not see it at all?


Just a worrying trend I discovered feel free to ignore it or prove it wrong and put me at east.... even though its unlikely time to cross my fingers and hope for day 2 access.

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